I'm a couple of days late with this, but I wanted to spiel about the most recent, and second-to-last, episode of "Lost". There's so much I dig about this show and I'm not thrilled to see it end, although better it end now before it fizzles out like the X-Files did. In particular, I've always appreciated what the show's writers and Matthew Fox have done with Jack.

I figure of all the characters on the show, I relate the most with Jack. There are snippets from all the characters that I'll see in myself, but Jack deals with some things I'm very familiar with. Like Jack, I tend to want to always fix things (a big reason why I stay on the Mather; a never-ending project) and also like Jack, I will very often fail to repair what needs fixing, be it a physical or emotional item.

Even deeper than that, however, is Jack's less-than-simple relationship with his father. Anyone out there who has had a complicated time with their father will feel for Jack. Fox does a great job of capturing the shades of gray around the Jack/Christian conundrum. Granted, John and I were very lucky that our dad really did love us, but things we're never easy growing up. And sometimes, almost 8 years after his passing, things can still be difficult.

Pile on top of this the fact that I too have a half-sibling who lives a good distance away (okay, South Carolina isn't as far south as Australia, but still. . .). Even better, my half-brother Eric wasn't really discussed early on in my tenure. For a while, he was known to John and me as "cousin Eric".

As a result of these parallels, some of the scenes from the Jack-centric episodes can be like punches to the gut. There I am, happily watching the show when all of a sudden, I have one those "something in my eye" moments. Exhibit "A": Around the 39:00 mark of "The Candidate". A great performance by Fox and Terry O'Quinn that got to me even more than Jin and Sun and the submarine.

In spite of all of this, however, I have no plans to run and guard some island. . .unless I somehow get a job on the Missouri.  

Later y'all.

Someday. . .
Someday soon, I will get back to posting things!

It's rather sad really. I'm going to miss it so. Another old friend gone to the land of obsolescence. Yes, they have finally bumped off the venerable JC Penney catalog. And truly, who can blame them? Millions of copies= lots o' trees pulpified. Plus, all of the inks used and the ingredients therein cannot be too healthy for the environment either. And with the wonders and joys of online shopping, what good is a fuddy-duddy old catalog?

Still though, the interwebs cannot replace the experience of paging through a catalog. Online shopping is good for those items you absolutely know you want or need. Kaboom! That turnip twiddler is in your shopping cart! Proceed to checkout! But I feel the online version still lacks one thing compared to print: serendipity. I find it harder to simply trip over things when I'm shopping online. I'm aiming that laserbeam squarely at the stuff I want. Don't bother me with other junk! And one of the hallmarks of a good marketeer is luring people over to items they did not know they wanted. That seems to be a bit harder to pull off in the online world. Online is good for zooming straight to what you most desire, but it does not lend itself as well to poring over possibilities and developing new ideas.

Also, two more downsides: it's really awkward dragging the laptop into the bathroom and I'll have one less resource to get components for my crazy ransom notes.

Oh well. I am but a heel in the March of Time; what do I know?

Early Friday Morning
I should be getting to bed; big field trip to Dayton later this morning.  Still sort of wound up from karaoke though.  Using interwebs to relax.  Won't sleep the same tonight though; someone will be missing from my side.

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Technical difficulties with CPL's wifi are keeping me from school work, so I'm sneaking a few moments with LJ before I return home.

I'm sitting here on the 6th floor of the library in my usual hidey-hole; out the window in front of me is the Leader Building, to my left is the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (BTW: the statues out front once held gun turrets).  Above me is Clio, muse of history, and she is pointing in my direction.

My mind is awash in millions of thoughts.  Must get school work done.  Must some how get through a two week "furlough" with minimal financial damage.  Must get a job in an academic library when I am done with the MLIS.  Allow the Nirvana catalog to be my earworm du jour (I am intending to write about them before too long).

Above all, however, are thoughts of Aimee.  I'm hoping the weather holds up so we can sneak in another bike ride.  I'm hoping she is having a wonderful day at work.  I am less than thrilled that this evening will be our last unil Saturday night (I know, it's only a couple if nights, but still. . .).

And as I think of her, her post about being concerened with my ability to see her old writings pops into mind.  I know that she says this with a mix of humor and seriousness.  But she should not fret.  While the events of all of the hours, days and years before we met are important in the historical sense, what really matters is the here and now. 

If I had had a LJ account back in 1999, it would have been very boring to the reader (not that this isn't).  That's when my realtionship with Andrea began.  We went on until 2004.   I'm sure that a significant number of posts would have been regarding Andrea and myself.

But we haven't spoken to one another in 5 years now.  Our failed engagement is a historical fact, but it is not what is important to me now.  What is important as of 9/23/09 is making Aimee happy.  I am firmly convinced that she is the "one".  We have only been dating since April, but we simply know that we are right for each other.  I have never (NEVER!) felt this way before.  I've had a few dealings with the ladies in the past couple of years, but what I have with Aimee thouroughly trounces any of these priors.  Right time, right place, right people, all converging together; finally.

So I doubt that I will spy on Aimee's older posts.  What is the need?  I am vainglorious, however, so I'll probably start checking posts from around April 17th of this year onward.  It's always a kick to go back and see how one thumped the competition (sorta like watching EPSN Classic) ;-)

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The record will show that I have had this here account since 2007.  As you may have noticed, I have not posted anything.  I guess I'll finally tinker with this LJ thang and see if I like it.


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